Clearing Kit- Small Shell

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This Clearing kit is for cleansing yourself, your space, or an object of negative and foreign  energies and emotions; creating an environment of peace and harmony.

Abalone Shell-Use as a bowl for your ash and to rest your hot incense.
If you are carrying your incense use this to prevent hot ash from falling
on the ground. * Smaller Shell then what is in the large kit.

Sage-Burn with the intention of clearing negative and foreign energies.

Palo Santo-Burn for healing, spiritually purifying, and cleanses energy.

Sweet Grass-Burn after smudging to invite positive energy.

Protection Crystal-Guards against negativity, evil, or unwanted energies. Grounding.

Directions: First open a door or window to allow energies to completely leave while you are smudging. .Light the Palo or Sage on one end and let burn for about 30 seconds, blow out and use the smoke to cleanse the energies. Walk clockwise around the room with the intention of removing all negative and foreign energies, pushing them toward the open door. You can also do the same for clearing a person or an item. Burn the sweet grass after cleansing with the Sage or Palo to invite positive energy in.