About Us

Crystal Rock Healing's Story

All of our products are handmade and been developed by the owner, Cindy Schmitz.  We take pride in choosing the highest quality ingredients for all of our products.  All essential oils used are 100% pure, therapeutic grade.  All other ingredients are natural.  We take the time to make sure our staff understands our priority to making a quality product and the importance of a quality product that will meet our customer’s needs.  We take all of our customer’s issues seriously.  We know how important that is since that is how our company got started.  

In 2007, Cindy contracted Lyme disease. For three years she fought with doctors to test her for Lyme disease. Cindy tested positive for Ehrlichiosis and Anaplasmosis, two other tick-borne diseases. She also found out that her illness had converted to Rheumatoid Arthritis. In order to treat the tick-borne illnesses and the arthritis, Cindy relied on conventional medications. She was on a daily steroid, TNF inhibitor and prescription pain pill regimen. She did not like how the side effects of these drugs made her feel.  

She was introduced by a friend to essential oils.  Cindy found these gave her the same benefits but without the horrible side effects. Natural methods and remedies have worked and continue to work for Cindy. Today she is off the steroids and pain pills, and relies solely on essential oils and Reiki healing methods. This has not only given her relief from her aliments, but it has also changed both of our lives. Together we own and operate Crystal Rock Healing, and Cindy is a Reiki Healing Master with training in essential oil and natural stone usage. Natural healing is something we want to be readily available for everyone, and Crystal Rock Healing is our solution.