Power Bracelet Gratitude- Black Tourmaline

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Use this bracelet to remind yourself of all the wonderful things in your life that you have gratitude for. One by one say what you are grateful for on each of the four gemstone beads. Use these beads to remind yourself of each of the items in your life that you are grateful for.
The Clear Quartz beads bring great energy to your gratitude.

Black Tourmaline: Known as the “The Stone of the Shamans,” it is used as a “telling” stone to evoke the awakening of self as a spirit and experience oneself as part of the Great Spirit.  It is thought to bring healing powers to the physical plane.  It balances both the left and right side of the brain, as well as enhancing physical health and spiritual health.  Clears negativity, transforming it into positive energy.


Each bracelet is made with natural stones chosen and designed to 
attract each specific intention.

Please note that due to variations in natural stone, there may be some variation in shape and shade of color in the stones used.